Berghaus 'Adventure List' iOS app

The brief
Speak Media was approached to support the development of a new app from leading outdoor brand Berghaus, aimed at encouraging adventurers to plan, track and store their expeditions. We were briefed with helping to signpost user journeys within the app, and to research and write 100 adventures to inspire users.

UX and micro-content
Working closely with Berghaus we refined the wireframes to improve user experience and developed the essential 'micro-content' that would steer people through the app. The close understanding of Berghaus’ tone of voice that we have developed throughout our three-year relationship enabled us to accurately convey the essential information about the app in an accessible and on-brand style.

Research and writing
Once the app design and wireframe was handed over to the development team, Speak’s team of creative copywriters produced a suite of short ‘adventures’ to populate the app from launch, serving as inspiration for users looking to add places, sights and activities to their Adventure List.
Drawing on our natural passion for outdoors and exploration we researched more than 100 different ‘once in a lifetime’ trips and excursions, both in the UK and abroad, that would be used to fire the imaginations of app users around the globe.

The outcome
The Adventure List app, available to download free from the App Store, launched in January 2015, and initial reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with one user stating: "I tried this app at the weekend and loved it – it seems like many of my favourite apps in one, with tracking for different types of activities and plenty of inspiration for future adventures."

Read more about the Adventure List app at iTunes

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