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Ride London 2016 rankings results and finishing times – were you faster than Dame Kelly Holmes?

Credit: Ride London

Credit: Ride London

By popular request (including the on-cue annual reminder from our Facebook friend Deuan G.), the Ride London rankings are here once again (with finishing times listed in order of fastest to slowest), so you can see how you did against the rest of the field.

Among the celebrity scalps up for grabs this year were double Olympic champ Dame Kelly Holmes, soul star Lemar and Mock the Week comedian Hugh Dennis.

The organisers say it’s not a race, but we know better… most riders (judging by the volume of email we get every August) want to know if they made it into the top 10, top 100, top 1000… or just if they managed to place higher than their brother-in-law to claim bragging rights on every Sunday ride for the next year.

Check out the rankings now to see if you beat Kelly, Lemar, Hugh. And we’ll see you back here the same time next year.

P.S. How did you do Deuan?


Number-crunching is, again, courtesy of our friend, Mario. Thanks, Mario!

DISCLAIMER: Mario’s data summaries are based on the organiser’s provisional rider times, as published on the official results website – we’re unable to verify timings or results, and can’t be held responsible for any inaccuracies or anomalies.

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