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A picture tells a thousand words


There are so many different ways to tell a story, for these interviewees it’s through their art. From meeting the “Angel of the north” to witnessing an “exploitation of colour”, we look back at some of our favourite artists that we have featured.

1. John McLean: an exploitation of colour

We spoke to acclaimed British abstract artist John McLean for our online magazine Parkinson’s Life. He revealed how having the condition exposed him to a whole new range of unique techniques – and later shared some of his favourite works with us. From stunning stained glass windows to bursts of bold colour on canvas, we see the artist’s self-described “exploitation of colour” come to life.

170906_PL_ John McLean at work.jpg

2. Patrick Church: fusing art and fashion

For the second story in our ‘The Watchlist’ series for watchmaker Brathwait, we caught up with Brooklyn-based multimedia artist Patrick Church for an insightful interview and stylish photoshoot. The internationally recognised artist – whose work blurs the boundary between art and fashion – explained how essential the influences of humour, romance, eccentricity and New York City itself, are to his creativity.

 Artist and designer Patrick Church in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, New York

3. Richard Hindle: art for all

We spoke to Richard Hindle, the “Art angel of the North” and owner of Darlington’s contemporary art space Gallerina, for the Barclays site. He discussed the importance of making art accessible for all, reflected on selling a signed piece by Banksy for a mere £100 – and shared his five favourite artists in the north east.

 Richard Hindle pictured in his art gallery Gallerina, in Darlington, County Durham. Photograph: Stuart Boulton

4. Art by people with Parkinson’s

We covered the Mervyn Peake Awards exhibition back in 2016, an annual event showcasing artwork made by people living with Parkinson’s. We put nine of the best entries together, with mediums ranging from watercolours to photography, to create a unique feature for our Parkinson’s Life magazine.

Mervyn Peak Awards Exhibition lead.jpg

5. A 1960s Christmas

As part of our ‘From the archives’ series for Barclays, we looked back at some of the bank’s vintage Christmas posters. Featuring colourful, psychedelic inspired illustrations and photography that captures that quintessential sixties style – offering readers a visual feast.