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Brathwait: taking ownership of New York City

 NYC Street Photography By Jorge Garcia  Instagram

Watchmaker Brathwait proudly notes that its watches are designed in New York, so it’s important to the brand that New York be central to the content we create. But how do you create a meaningful connection to a place that’s so famous and widely referenced?

We’ve taken the brand’s most compelling sales drivers – its status as a market disruptor and its classic style – as the foundation for our content strategy. That strategy has become our lens on NYC; we look at the city through the eyes of a disruptor to create a series of content pieces that speak directly to our audience.  

In our series ‘The Watchlist’, we champion NYC disruptors pushing boundaries in arts and culture in the way Brathwait pushes them in e-commerce. In ‘Crosswalk Style’ – a photo series created in collaboration with the NYC Street Photography Collective – we chronicle NYC fashion in a monthly snapshot of a real-life crosswalk. Our series ‘Inspiration Stories’ explores how the city’s unseen textures, colours and details reflect in Brathwait’s watch designs. Finally, ‘Pencil This’ features five carefully curated events on a thought-provoking weekly theme.

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Across all the content, we push Brathwait’s agenda. Whether we’re spotlighting an up-and-coming filmmaker like Stefon Bristol or recommending a lesser-known place to celebrate Pride, we’re contributing to the NYC scene, not just reflecting it. In this way, we pivot NYC around the brand. We are contextualising and strengthening Brathwait’s connection to New York, rooting the brand heartily and firmly in the “Big Apple”.   

Georgia Goggin