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Award-winning photography from Speak’s creative network


In the first in a new series of events designed to celebrate our network of talented photographers – and in the spirit of creative collaboration – we’re showcasing work by our wider team in an exhibition here at our Brick Lane studio.

Each image selected holds personal meaning for the artists – whether that’s a shot of London’s dramatic skyline or 80s wrestler Kendo Nagasaki. Here, they tell us more about the fascinating stories behind each snap.

Fabio De Paola

Fabio De Paola is a Derby-based press and editorial photographer working for publications both across the UK and abroad. His work ranges from commissioned celebrity portraits, travel assignments, field work for NGOs and documentary features for print and online media.

Kendo Nagasaki, Stafford, November 2018 (pictured above)

“Kendo – real name Peter Thornley – was a huge star in the wrestling scene of the 70s and 80s. He goes through a ‘ritual’ of meditation and thought to transform into Kendo. I was commissioned to photograph Peter at his home in Stafford to accompany an article on how he made his wealth.”

Gareth Jones A3_FINAL.jpeg

Gareth Iwan Jones

Gareth Iwan Jones is a portrait and documentary photographer with a keen eye for the peculiarities of the human experience. His playful and vibrant photographic style has brought him regular commissions with a number of prominent publications and brands. Currently, he splits his time between Bristol and London with commissions taking him across the UK and abroad.

Rosie & Gertie, Brecon Beacons, August 2014 (pictured above)

“I have always had a fondness for this portrait of Rosie and Gertie. The pastel colour palette, Gertie looking straight down the lens and the optical illusion of Rosie's jodhpurs looking as if they could be Gertie’s front legs all work together nicely. But mostly it's the visibly strong bond between the two that draws me to this image. I'd spent an afternoon in the Brecon Beacons photographing Rosie's mother for an interview in a magazine. Rosie had been getting ready to go riding when I'd been introduced to the magnificent Gertie. With the wonderful Welsh landscape, the good weather and striking subjects it was the perfect opportunity to create this portrait.”

 A child waits to be seen by a doctor at Kambia Hospital.

Bethany Clarke

Bethany Clarke is an editorial photographer with a love for capturing stories through the lens. Beginning her career at The Times, she now works for a diverse range of clients around the world. Her photography for NGOs has been exhibited worldwide and received a gold award from the United Nations. 

Child Waits To See Doctor, Kambia, Sierra Leone, June 2010 (pictured above)

“This image of a malnourished child sitting on her mother’s feet while waiting to be seen by a doctor in a hospital in Kambia – a remote and very poor area of Sierra Leone – is one in a series of pictures about maternal and child mortality.”

Tom Pilston A3_FINAL.jpeg

Tom Pilston

Tom Pilston began working in fashion and music photography in London, before eventually moving into documentary and photojournalism in the late 1980s. During his career, Tom has covered stories from the UK and around the globe, photographing all aspects of life – from war, famine and politics to commerce, business and the arts.

Riding The Malecón, Havana, Cuba, August 1997 (pictured above)

“This project for The Independent was about life in Cuba amid shortages caused by the US blockade during the last years of Fidel Castro’s leadership. Our car was making its way along the Malecón, en route to a spontaneous salsa festival when up ahead I saw the bicycle wobbling along the street. No car, four people and one bike, against a backdrop of adversity and shortages – what image could be better to tell our story?

I love the sense of joy and positivity the picture gives out. The subjects typify something in the Cuban way of living and tackling the problems thrown up by life.”

Photo credit: Roy J Baron

Photo credit: Roy J Baron

Roy J Baron

Roy J Baron discovered his love of photography during his fine art degree and photographic MA. Over the last nine years, Roy has worked on advertising, marketing and editorial commissions in London, across the UK and abroad for numerous editorial and commercial clients.  

Moses Sumney, Shoreditch, October 2018 (pictured above)

“When I was commissioned to take this portrait of Moses Sumney, the American singer-songwriter, I wanted to showcase the theme of ‘anti-love’ that is so prevalent in his music – and evoke feelings that parallel some of his track names such as ‘Insecure’, ‘Doomed’ or ‘Plastic’.

I feel like this image also has an element of anonymity to it – although the location was in Shoreditch, the green door could be anywhere. This feeling is heightened as Sumney looks off camera, wearing sunglasses and all black clothing.”


Ant Upton

Ant Upton is a London-based editorial photographer who works globally and is experienced in photographing visually challenging, low-infrastructure environments and corporate settings. 

With decades of experience in the field, Ant feels as much excitement about each upcoming job as he did on his very first assignment.

Matt Ford, Barclays, London, February 2019 (pictured above)

“I was commissioned to shoot Matt Ford, Head of Barclays UK’s Operations Business Management. As Matt chiefly works in robotics, I was on the lookout for more futuristic, high-tech areas of the Barclays building. There was one corner which allowed me to shoot into an adjoining window – and still showcase the dramatic London skyline to put the picture into context.” 

Roisin McCormack