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Crowdfunding collab: Speak x The Silver Surfer

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Speak’s editorial team has been busy helping creative director Jon Herbert (long-time friend, collaborator and former client) put the finishing touches to The Silver Surfer – a photographic journal documenting the adventures of a 70-year-old surfer “who still charges”.

When Jon Herbert – creative director, former Speak client (during his time at Pentland Brands) and long-time friend and collaborator – reached out for help with his ‘side hustle’, we knew we had to get involved.

Having spent the last 12 months researching, designing and writing, Jon needed some fresh eyes to copy-edit, proof and fact-check the 114-page book – which is where we came in. A few weeks later, and the final product, a beautifully produced hardback titled The Silver Surfer, is open for backing at Crowdfunder

The book documents a decade (2008-2018) in the life of Andrew Forrest – a 70-year-old from Cornwall who has been riding waves (and journaling and photographing his experiences) for the last 30 years.

His handwritten journals, collated and published for the first time in The Silver Surfer, record the essence of each day’s surf session – a star rating, beach location, the surfboard(s) ridden, fin set-up and whenever possible a photo for posterity.

The idea was born in 2018 when Jon, while working at a surfboard factory in Cornwall, met Andrew for the first time. 

“As our friendship developed and Andrew’s trust in me grew,” recalls Jon in his preface, “our conversations turned to his 30-year surfing journey – encompassing a series of waterborne adventures and stories, that, I would discover, he’d been documenting in yearly journals.

“As the old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. And never was that truer than for Andrew Forrest, a surfer in his seventies who still charges.”

Jon says the book “serves as inspiration for every level of surfer”.

“We can all relate to the different stages of his progression, learn from his achievements and mistakes, and – hopefully – absorb some of that relentless determination that has kept him going well past retirement age.”

George Theohari, Head of Content at Speak Media, says: “We’re excited to have played a small part in helping the Jon with what he humbly refers to as his ‘side-project’. In fact, it’s an ambitious labour of love, and it’s going to be gorgeous.”

To find out more about the The Silver Surfer, please visit its crowdfunding page here.

Rewards available in return for your donations

£4: a limited edition set of four postcards

£12: a limited edition A3 art print

£20: an early bird signed first edition copy (sold out)

£25: a first edition copy of the book

£30: an early bird signed first edition copy

£96+: five copies of the first edition

Simge Eva Dogan