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Discover the secrets of ‘killer content’ in our new event series

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Speak Media has announced the launch of a series of roundtable discussions aimed at progressive, content-minded corporate communicators at top FTSE 100 firms. Here’s what to expect.

Is your corporate content all filler, no killer? Having trouble standing out from the crowd and building a sustainable – and impactful – publishing operation? You’re not alone.

That’s why Speak Media is launching a series of ‘networking and knowledge-sharing’ events aimed at corporate communicators who want to build best-in-class content channels.

Launched in partnership with Communicate magazine, our roundtable discussions offer a unique opportunity to discover the value of embedding an ‘always-on’ corporate newsroom into the workings of FTSE 100 organisations.

Hosted by our Head of Content George Theohari, Head of Planning & Production Paul Williams and Editor of Communicate magazine, Brittany Golob, the first event taking place this week (Wednesday 10 July) will see comms leaders from a range of brands including Legal & General, Vodafone and John Lewis cover a range of topics related to implementing a streamlined editorial process.

Other subjects under discussion include:

  •  What is your content for? How can you tell corporate stories through editorial content?

  • What is your audience interested in and are there interesting hidden stories to tell them within your organisation? Do you know how to find them?

  • How do you get from content chaos (content silos, editorial bottlenecks and inefficient processes) to a smooth operation?

  • How can you measure ROI on editorial content and corporate newsrooms?  How should communicators balance the editorial mindset with organisational priorities?

George Theohari says: “The response to our first invite-only event has been overwhelming.

Those attending should expect an open exchange about the ways that an ‘always-on’ approach to newsroom content can transform corporate storytelling and audience engagement – as well as the challenges of establishing an effective content operation in large-scale corporate environments.

We’re looking forward to sharing our insights on how to build award-winning corporate newsrooms, based on our experience helping companies like Barclays, O2 and Freshfields.”

This event is fully booked, but if you would like to be on our exclusive invite list for the next one (planned for September), please email: enquiries@speakmedia.co.uk