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Monday Funday: Don Pablo


It’s September, which means three things: the kids are back at school, work gets that little bit busier…and we don’t have another bank holiday for almost four months. So enjoy our latest Monday Funday for some marketing motivation.

First they got the coke, then they got the money. Now the Colombian Cartel want…Wilfried Bony for an undisclosed fee?!

Realising that the new series of blockbuster crime thriller Narcos coincided with the final day of the football transfer window, Sportbible and Netflix decided to have some fun with their latest piece of social media content. In an inspired bit of comedy subtitling, Pablo Escobar and his Medellín Cartel cronies discuss the transfer deadline day moves.

The drug lords argue about the fate of Virgil van Dijk, with one claiming his girlfriend saw him at a Sports Direct in Chelsea, “buying one of those big mugs.”

It’s also probably the only time you’ll witness Colombian drug kingpins discussing the Curry Club at Wetherspoons.

Live fast, drive slow

To combat the problem of speeding among young drivers, Toyota has released the new Safe and Sound app. The idea is hilariously simple: if the driver starts to travel over the speed limit, the app will instantly start to play their parents’ choice of music.

In the two-minute clip we are introduced to Callum, a cool, house music-listening, craft beer-drinking, student loan-bemoaning teen who has the keys to his parents’ wagon and is looking to impress the girls. However, his plan is scuppered when he thinks it’s a good idea to hit 40 in a 30 zone…

Jesus, pass the ketchup mate

In a world divided by religion, have you ever wondered what the respective gods make of it all?

Well wonder no more, because Meat & Livestock Australia gets all philosophical (ish) in their latest piece of content, with Jesus, Ganesha, Buddha, and an abundance of other holy figures gathering around the table for a barbeque.

In what could be a sensitive topic, the clip impressively weaves around the table gently making light of each individual, from Aphrodite being constantly interrupted by her Tinder matches to Jesus turning wine to water, showing off a “reverse miracle”.