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Images of the Month (April)


We look back at our favourite images of the month of April

Our planet

Our content agency is nestled in the art-filled streets of Shoreditch, where new works of art pop up every day. This snap, taken by copywriter Roisin, is of a mural promoting Netflix’s latest binge-worthy series Our Planet – which popped up amid the Extinction Rebellion’s protests taking place just down the road. An interesting coincidence, or a clever marketing ploy? We’ll let you decide.

Our planet mural Shoreditch

Fintech futures

In the heart of Manhattan, just a stone’s throw from the Flatiron Building, lies Rise New York – Barclays’ specialist fintech hub.  

We sent our snappers across the pond to the Big Apple to check it out, and they snapped Barclays colleague Catherine Abell hard at work while they were there. In the interview, Catherine shares how the site is set to become the ‘home of fintech’, accommodating over 250 start-ups by the end of the year.

Catherine Abell Barclays.jpeg

Empire State of mind

Photographer Shawn Persaud captured the iconic Empire State Building as it came alive with fluorescent colours on World Parkinson’s Day 2019 to show support for the 10 million people affected by the condition across the globe. From Ireland to Croatia, we looked at how the world came together to mark the occasion in our online magazine Parkinson’s Life.

Empire State Building
Simge Eva Dogan