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Images of the Month (August)


We look back at our favourite images of the month of August

 John Devlin 15/11/2018. GLASGOW. Castle Fine Art - Queen Street.
A new collection of artwork by Sir Billy Connolly will be exhibited at a Glasgow gallery.
The third instalment of the Born on a Rainy Day series will be available to view at Castle Fine Art on Queen Street from Friday 16th until Friday 30th November. It comprises a selection of original ink drawings and limited edition prints signed by the award-winning actor, comedian and musician.
Born On A Rainy Day was given its title after Billy was in Montreal on a very cold, rainy day. He bought some pens and a sketchbook and began to draw. Initially drawing desert islands, he soon began to repeat and experiment, eventually refining his ideas.
Billy’s initial ink drawings received critical acclaim and were highly sought after by his fans and collectors. He released a second instalment a year later, demonstrating a developed style and experimentation with composition and colour.
Allowing each of his images the freedom to become ‘whatever it is destined to become’, Billy evolves his illustrations as he creates them. His creative process mirrors that of the Surrealist automatism movement, whereby the artist allows the hand to move randomly across the paper or canvas, without intent to create anything specifically.
Speaking about his artwork, Billy Connolly said: “My art bears no relation to comedy or music. It is pure and unjudged and I am creating for myself. It is personal and private, whereas with a film, comedy show or music you expect people to be critiquing, watching, assessing. Art is different - it liberates you.”
Nicola Duffy, gallery manager at Castle Fine Art, Glasgow, said: “Billy Connolly is a true national treasure and we couldn’t feel more privileged to exhibit his work here in Glasgow.
“Billy’s artwork has a unique, humorous charm which has always been hugely popular with his fans, and we can’t wait to

Sir Billy Connolly to make TV comeback

This striking snap of comedic legend Sir Billy Connolly was taken at Glasgow’s Castle Fine Art gallery by photographer John Devlin. Connolly – pictured here with his sell-out art collection ‘Born on a Rainy Day’ – is set to make a shock return to television after retiring due to his Parkinson’s. In the three-part ITV documentary series, Connolly will travel along the trail of 18th century Scottish immigrants in America. Find out more on Parkinson’s Life magazine.

UK Parkinson's Football Speak Media Images of the Month.JPG

Shooting scores for Parkinson’s

This inspiring snap is of the first ever UK Parkinson’s Football Team ahead of the Ray Kennedy Cup – an international tournament for players with Parkinson’s. Kitted out in red and blue, the team take a break from training at Morecambe FC’s Globe Arena to get a quick picture with the League Two side’s legendary manager Jim Bentley.   

In an interview with Parkinson’s Life, team captain Charlie Appleyard said: “Of course we want to win, but the main aims are to raise vital funds and awareness about Parkinson’s.”

Maura Ward Speak Media Images of the Month.jpeg

Globetrotting with Parkinson’s

Exploring a charming Baghdad souk, this snap captures Parkinson’s campaigner and travel enthusiast Maura Ward stumbling across an intriguing shop selling gleaming brass and gilt.

Iraq is just one of over 60 countries that Maura has jetted to – more than half of which she visited after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s six years ago.    

She told our Parkinson’s Life readers: “I hate the fact that I have a progressive neurological condition which will eventually curtail me, but I’ve a lot of living to do first. Life is too short to spend much time wallowing in self-pity.”

Image credits: Billy Connolly (John Devlin/JPI Media) / Maura Ward (Lois Wagner)

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