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Images of the Month (February)


We look back at our favourite images of the month of February

Empowering people with Parkinson’s

Award-winning Canadian artist Anita Kunz (pictured left) painted ‘Strength’ as part of a Parkinson’s art initiative. She shares how art can “create an emotional connection and common language” for the Parkinson’s community in an interview with our online magazine Parkinson’s Life.


Ledger Legends

Our picture team sourced this painting of 18th century socialite and fashion icon, Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, as part of our ‘Ledger Legends’ series in which we delve into the Barclays archives to uncover insights into the lives of famous historical figures. 

Painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds, Georgiana is pictured here in a feather headdress and idyllic landscape – carefree of her reported debts worth nearly £4,000,000 in modern money.


The dating diaries

This snap is of US blogger Allison Toepperwein who we spoke to as a Valentine’s Day special for Parkinson’s Life. Allison talks diagnosis, relationships – and why “attitude is everything” to navigating the dating world with Parkinson’s. 

Joe McAweaney