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Images of the Month (May)


We look back at our favourite images from the month of May. 

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to spend some time in New York City with local filmmaker and Spike Lee protégé Stefon Bristol who we interviewed for watchmaker Brathwait. This picture is taken inside Stefon’s favourite comic book shop in Brooklyn – the iconic neighbourhood that the director grew up in.


To mark the FIFA World Cup in Russia our copywriter Joe chatted to former Chelsea and England footballer Frank Lampard as part of our ‘Leading Questions’ strand for Barclays. Frank talked at length about leading a team, his toughest opponents and the secret to a perfect penalty.

 Frank Lampard. At Barclays HQ, London. 29/3/18

And finally – to finish off the month ‘on a high’  – our photographer followed mountain rescue volunteer Lee Faulkner to the top of Brecon Beacons. The image will be used in the latest in our ‘In the world’ strand for Barclays – a series where we highlight voluntary work undertaken by the bank’s employees. In this dynamic snap Lee is completing his rescue training – carrying a fellow volunteer down the mountain. 

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