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Parkinson's UK campaign nominated for two awards

Parkinson's UK campaign nominated for two awards

Barclays News names 'Best Corporate Website'

Barclays News names 'Best Corporate Website'


Monday Funday: Cereal porn


Think you’re having a bad day? On Saturday night, at the G20 official dinner, Theresa May had to sit through the EU’s official anthem while surrounded by leaders from the other member nations. As someone desperately trying to escape the European institution, with a strategy about as directionless as a drunk badger wading through a house of mirrors, that must have been pretty awkward.

So if your day at work is resembling our beleaguered PM’s weekend, or if you just fancy a laugh, read on for our latest batch chuckles.

JT joins the Villains

The football marketing world has had a bit of a shake-up. Manchester United’s #Pogback campaign, which announced the signing of Paul Pogba by linking up with grime icon Stormzy, changed the game forever. Now football teams across Europe and beyond are competing with each other to unveil new signings in the most eye-grabbing ways.

West Brom’s Jay Rodriguez announced his signing personally, confirming the move by sending a video to a disgruntled fan on Twitter. Swansea City created a video showing Angel Rangel giving Spanish lessons to a mystery figure, who Swansea later reveal to be new midfielder Roque Mesa.

However our favourite piece of transfer related content has come from Aston Villa, who created a fictional WhatsApp group chat to unveil former England captain John Terry.

Cereal porn

Have you ever sat at your breakfast table, poured yourself a nice bowl of Kellogg’s and thought “this just isn’t sexy enough”?

To be honest we haven’t either, but that’s the idea behind breakfast cereal company Cereal Motel with their range of “inappropriate cereal for grown-ups.”

They’ve created some brilliant content in the form of their cereal boxes, featuring "ice Krispies", "Booty Pops" and "Sugar Tits" And to think, at Speak Media we thought we were pretty out there that time we bought Honey Nut Loops for the office. Find out more here.

“Wimbledon Away”

Scotland, a country which is famous for Braveheart, Susan Boyle and high-cholesterol. In recent years ,however, Scotland has found fame through something else, something that was previously thought of as impossible in the football mad nation. Tennis.

From Archie Gemmill’s famous strike in the 1978 World Cup to Gazza’s wonder goal at Wembley, Scotland have had a turbulent relationship with sport. They’ve certainly enjoyed a lot of success in the last decade, however, with Andy Murray acing his way to world number one.

This has led to Scotland taking a significant interest in Tennis, which Lager brand and constant jokers Tennent’s have satirised in their latest piece of content. The 60 second clip shows the nation’s sports fans embracing Wimbledon, by eating strawberries in pubs and drinking lager styled cocktails. It also features a surprising guest at the end….