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Monday Funday: battle of the beers


Nostalgia – or nausea?

Skoda’s new ad – “Ugly in the 90’s” – takes us back to a time of tie-dye, curtain haircuts, blue eyeshadow, ravers’ neon and general crimes against fashion — and certainly induced a feeling of nostalgia (or is that nausea?) in everyone here at Speak Media.

With the tag line, “We weren’t the only ugly ones in the 90’s”, this ad humorously reminds us of the brand’s evolution — as well as our own. Rave on.

Battle of the beers

In a ballsy marketing move, the craft ale connoisseurs at BrewDog are using their new ad campaign to openly trash their brewing competitors.

Not only do they mock Foster’s, Budweiser’s and Stella’s less than impressive scores from website RateBeer.com in comparison to their own, the “disruptor” brewery has also cheekily adapted their rivals’ famed ad slogans (think Foster’s “Good Call” and Budweiser’s “Wassup”) to their own trolling ends. Save it for the playground, lads.


One from the ha-ha-harchives…

We’re only going back a few years today – to 2016 – when Instagramming your avocado on toast was the very height of fashion.

IKEA’s clever ad mocks social media addicted millennials and poses the question: what would people pre-Instagram have done to ensure everyone saw and approved of their nosh?

A ridiculous and dramatic sequence of events, played out against an 18th century backdrop, answers that important question – ending with an essential lesson for life.

Roisin McCormack