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Monday Funday: A toast to Roger Federer


Well what an amazing weekend of sport that was. On Saturday we saw Spaniard Garbine Muguruza defeat tennis icon Venus Williams to win her first Wimbledon final. Sunday showcased the return of the king, Roger Federer. The Swiss star won his 19th grand slam, at the grand old age of 35, and is now the clear bookies’ favourite to win both the Tour de France and Love Island.

So we dedicate this round of content smiles to, arguably, the greatest blazer-wearing athlete that has ever lived.

Not a bad piece of content

We’ve all got that family member who is incredibly difficult to please. No matter how good something is, extracting praise from them is about as difficult as teaching your Great Aunt Belinda the concept of a retweet.

Supermarket brand Aldi have tapped into that perfectly, showing curmudgeonly dad Dave break the habit of a lifetime by describing someone as ‘not bad’. Cue mass celebration in the community, as the reluctant praise makes international news.

As gushing millennials might say, amaaaaazing. 

What’s ‘Dothraki’ for beer and wenches?

Hash yer dothrae chek?

If any Game of Thrones fans didn’t understand that sentence, they need to get on popular app Duolingo where they can learn the fictional ‘Dothraki’. Sure you might never use it, but you never use Pythagoras’ theorem and it didn’t stop you spending years on that.

This fun piece of marketing, which has been timed with the launch of the new Game of Thrones series, has guaranteed Duolingo some social traction and ensured fans can have a bit of fun. You can learn more here.

Top of the pops

Is there anything more shareable on social media then your name on the side of a bottled soft drink? An embarrassing baby photo perhaps? A pointless picture of a dog wearing a hat?

Coca-Cola have upped the ante in the battle for the Facebook newsfeeds. As part of the ‘Share-a-Coke’ campaign the fizzy drink giants have created unique songs showcasing all of the first and last names featured on their products. All Coke-enthusiasts have to do is type their name into the website and they’ll find their own sugar-coated jingle.  

Check it out here.


Joe McAweaney