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Parkinson's UK campaign nominated for two awards

Parkinson's UK campaign nominated for two awards

Barclays News names 'Best Corporate Website'

Barclays News names 'Best Corporate Website'


Monday Funday: Back like Lukaku


Prem football’s returned, but more importantly so has Monday Funday. Yes, your regular dose of brand japes is back after a little summer sojourn. And like Romelu, we’re all smiles.

Laughing until the cows come home

Now I come to think of it I have never seen a cow laugh. Not even once, such a moody bunch. To promote their products in America, New Zealand Jerky has sent stand-up comic Tim Batt to a field in New Zealand to shower the cows with awful jokes, to prove just how serious their beef is. Batt’s deadpan delivery, coupled with a cow with a face so stern he could flip the script and become a Beefeater at The Tower of London, makes for a very amusing series. The posts are on social media but will be removed at the end of September – guess they don’t want to milk it. (Sorry).

Ikea is coming…

Marketers everywhere are jumping on the Game of Thrones bandwagon – we’ve seen KFC satirise the infamous ‘Hodor’ scene and Duolingo launch Dothraki as a language

So imagine Swedish retailer Ikea’s delight when it transpired that the HBO costume department had been using Ikea rugs as costumes for the King of the North, Jon Snow. The flat-pack retailer’s marketing department got straight down to their Wembley branch to launch a social media campaign celebrating the fact, and encouraging Game of Thrones fans to get involved as well.

Absolutely ‘banging’ idea

Sony Japan believes that only the most, er, hardcore fans should have access to the latest release from Japanese electrocore metal band Crossfaith (no, us neither).

To unlock live streaming of the new track, fans are required to headbang in front of a webcam to prove they are worthy of it. Enjoy here.