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Monday Funday: beers and cocktails


In the words of Mark Twain, “the human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter”. Now, unfortunately, since Tom Sawyer’s creator uttered these words, the human race has developed several, rather more effective weapons ... but we’re not ready to put up the white flag just yet – so stoically we continue to scour the world of brand content for gags and gaffs.

Cease and desist

A ’cease-and-desist’ letter is not a nice thing to receive. It’s usually intimidating, passive aggressive and filled to the brim with lawyer’s jargon that you have to Google, before coming to the conclusion that you are stuffed. Unless the sender is Netflix, that is.

Upon learning about an unlicensed ‘Stranger Things’ themed bar, the streaming powerhouse wasted no time making its thoughts known. However, instead of the usual strongly worded letter Netflix sent a friendly, somewhat tongue-in-cheek message, applauding the owners for their creativity but instructing them to not open beyond their initial six weeks as a ‘pop-up’ joint.

Although intended as a private communication rather than being broadcast on a public-facing brand channel, it was such an original and well-executed piece of content (as you’d expect from Netflix) that it was always bound to do the rounds of social media. In a world where brand attempts to be loved online so often fall flat, Netflix has – almost by accident – got people praising it on Twitter. Again.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 15.20.03.png

Battle of beer

England v Scotland, taxis v cyclists, Katie Hopkins v civilisation. You really cannot beat a good rivalry for entertainment value, and the beer-brewing world is no different.

So MF – can in hand and armchair fully reclined – is particularly relishing the war of words that has erupted between Tennent’s lager and its arch-nemesis Carling. The Scottish lager brand is pouring (presumably frothy) scorn all over its rivals after it emerged that Carling – owned by Molson Coors – advertises its beer as 4% by volume (ABV) when it is brewed at only 3.7%. In its latest tweet on the matter, Tennent’s has referenced some other well-known fibbers … and cheekily rebranded a familiar-looking can of beer to reflect the supposed ‘cheating’. We’re looking forward to seeing how this head-to-head row unfolds.

Act your age…

It’s London Cocktail Week at Spitalfields Market, just around the corner from the Speak Media office, and a Speakster spotted this accidental signage ‘edit' on the way in to work. In a fit of generosity, MF condescended to include the, erm, hilarious picture in this week’s roundup. Strangely, the colleague in question is old enough to drink alcohol but still childish enough to laugh at what is essentially a kn*b gag. Perhaps the lesson we should all take away is: stay off the cocktails at breakfast.

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Joe McAweaney