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Parkinson's UK campaign nominated for two awards

Parkinson's UK campaign nominated for two awards

Barclays News named 'Best Corporate Website'

Barclays News named 'Best Corporate Website'


Monday Funday: beers, joints and zombies

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Like one of Kim Jong-un’s nuclear warheads in South Korean airspace, the week has flown by. So grab a cuppa and check out the funniest brand content from the last 7 days.

Budddddd Light!

Watching sports and drinking a bud. You couldn’t get more American if you were singing the national anthem, eating apple pie and painfully misunderstanding the rules of cricket.

In their latest piece of content Budweiser has tapped into Uncle Sam’s favourite past-time, having a beer seller follow an American football fan around in his day-to-day life, flogging him an ice-cold lager whenever he needs replenishing. Sounds like heaven (whichever side of the Atlantic you’re on).

Zombies invade London

If you were out and about around London last week you may have come into contact with some smelly, easily irritable, gormless zombies. No, not groggy northern line commuters, but a new piece of interactive content from Thorpe Park to promote its new Walking Dead attractions –featuring a digital billboard, zombified actors and 50kg of animal organs to shock passers-by.

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Smokin’ hot content

Perhaps inspired by the success of highly addictive, drugs-based blockbusters Narcos and Breaking Bad, streaming giant Netflix has taken the next logical step, by turning its hand to home-grown.

To promote their new series Disjointed, the entertainment giant developed its own strains of marijuana. Using names like Poussey Riot and Baka Bile, the drugs were sold to medical marijuana card-holding customers at a pop-up shop in West Hollywood.

If they prove anywhere near as addictive as its TV shows, the company is going to have a very big hit on its hands.

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