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Monday Funday: belly's gonna get ya


Modern Survival

We all know that feeling when you can’t find your phone. You pat your pockets, chest, head, legs and the person next to you frantically and with a wild look in your eyes.

Telecom giant Orange recently produced an ad that visualises, to a ridiculous extreme, the extent of our phone-related anxieties. Titled ‘Alone in the World’, the ad sees a young man transported to a desert island when he can’t find his phone.

There’s nothing VAR can’t clear up”

Many an argument could be solved with the power of VAR, or so Paddy Power thinks.

Their latest ad explores how VAR could be helpfully, and cheekily, used to expose a myriad of uncomfortable and non-football related truths, from “who was first at the bar” to “who ate all the pies?”.

From the ha-ha-harchives

Back to the year 2000 we go. Ah the noughties… a time of frightening fashion, music and ads too apparently.

This Reebok ad, ‘Belly’s gonna get you’, seems to have been taken straight out of your dad’s nightmares. Nevertheless, watching a giant belly ride a motorcycle is sure to give you a belly-full of slightly awkward and uncomfortable laughter.

Roisin McCormack