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Monday Funday: Brexit babies


Strong and stable

What does this country need?

A decent football team? Some sun? A second referendum? No – what we really need is a Brexit-themed gym class, apparently.

As the prospect of a bungled no-deal Brexit looms over us, British fitness company Gymbox has capitalised on the nation’s frustration – offering a gym class where Brits can incorporate a Boris Johnson themed ‘Politician Punchbag’ or a ‘Theresa May Sack Race’ into their workout. 

This a-board – spotted in south London – has been doing the rounds on Twitter. Bravo.

KFC says relax

To celebrate International Mindfulness Day last week, fast-food giant KFC created some om-worthy, chakra-opening, meditative content.

Their latest ad deceives viewers into thinking they’re de-stressing to the soothing sound of rainfall – only to reveal it’s actually chicken frying in a pan. Tapping into the mindfulness market, consumers are offered the chance to listen to that sultry sound for longer, and really find their zen, via KFC’s new mindfulness hub – KFChill.co.uk.

On listening here at Speak Media, we’re not sure we found our zen, but we have got the next best thing – a bargain bucket with a side of beans…

One from the ha-ha-harchives…

Everyone loves a baby ad. Especially when the baby’s doing or saying things it shouldn’t be. They never get old – and this one from 2011 by financial services company, E-Trade, is no exception. 

Watch as this suave baby talks us through his stunning wardrobe.

Roisin McCormack