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Monday Funday: build bridges not walls


Monday morning. Coffee, check. Full inbox, check. Crippling fear of money spent at the weekend, check. You can now check Monday Funday off your list too. Enjoy folks.

Saving America

Hell bent on building a wall, like one of those fictitious Game of Thrones Kings who sport surprisingly trendy haircuts, Donald Trump has ruffled a few feathers. In response to his controversial plan, popular game Cards Against Humanity is encouraging fans to strategically purchase land along the Mexican border.

To promote the campaign, Cards Against Humanity has released a short mockumentary style piece of content set decades from now, documenting how the “scrappy comedy writers” saved America. With avocado jumpers and deadpan delivery, the crass card game will have you laughing throughout.

Who wore it best?

From Charles Dickens to Snapchat, the fundamentals of storytelling have not changed. Build intrigue, create characters and chuck in a beginning, a middle and an end. Simple.

In a subtle 90 second clip Los Angeles clothing brand Lacausa carefully guide the readers through the story of two best friends, Bo and Lida, who “settled a bout of ‘who wore it best’ with a floating stand-off.” 

Enjoy here.

Unintentionally funny headline of the week

History was made last week, with Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe being removed from power in a bloodless coup. The end of an area, a significant milestone in world politics and African history.

However, the BBC make it sound like the Bob Mugabe’s has just presided over a 4 game losing streak at West Ham

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 12.10.08.png

From the ha-ha-harchives

Tango has a proud history of weird ads. Who could forget the orange bloke rampaging around Britain delivering ringing double-handed slaps to the ears of members of the public (a gesture that boomed in popularity around schoolyards, leading to an epidemic of bruised eardrums and outraged mums)? This one, originally broadcast in 1997, is sure to tickle your funny bones – as well as your sense of patriotic pride.

Joe McAweaney