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Monday Funday: cheer up it might never happen


A lively political weekend saw the re-emergence of 1990s GCSE history favorite the Cold War, as Vladimir Putin expelled 755 US diplomats from Russia in retaliation for American sanctions. As tensions ramp up between the Donald and the Vlad we could be on our way to a confrontation of catastrophic proportions. So you may as well have some chuckles before we get there.

“These boots are really beautiful”

As copywriters we know all too well what happens when brands let their product designers loose on the marketing copy – technical jargon pours forth and the real story gets lost in translation.

That’s what Umbro satirise in this film, as ‘boot designer’ Tim Grimble attempts to explain what makes the Medusae II so good – pumping out phrases like “integrated A-frame support, ultrasoft K-level vamp and EVA strip”.

As Tim rambles on, Pepe and his translator exchange quizzical looks before the former Real Madrid hard man interrupts him to tell it like it is: “these boots are really beautiful”. 

Emojis hit Hollywood

Well what a few years it has been for the emoji. Initially seen as a childish form of language, referred to by Inbetweeners character Will as “the mark of the moron”, the smileys are now a significant part of our day to day written communications. From the cool shades image to the ‘crying with laughter’ smiley, there really is an emoji for every occasion.

The text icons will hit another milestone this Friday with the release of The Emoji Movie. To publicise the film Sony have erected billboards across America giving consumers real time traffic and weather updates in emoji form.

One day, perhaps, we’ll just give up on real words all together. What’s emoji for “ex-copywriter looking for work?”

Coke and Fanta sitting in a tree

Like a clumsy Dad reeling off gags on a family holiday, we here at Speak Media absolutely love puns. So imagine our delight when we watched Coca-Cola’s latest piece of content, a pun infested one-minute clip depicting a light-hearted love story between two bottles of pop.

The characters and set are built entirely from recycled materials. In an age where companies strive to be the most environmentally-friendly, this love-story is sure to be a hit with consumers everywhere.