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Parkinson's UK campaign nominated for two awards

Parkinson's UK campaign nominated for two awards

Barclays News named 'Best Corporate Website'

Barclays News named 'Best Corporate Website'


Monday Funday: Christmas is coming

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NBA on Christmas Day

Monday Funday has never really understood basketball. In fact, as a general rule, any sport where the result gets close to double figures tends to be of little interest. So that rules out rugby, darts and watching Celtic in the Champions League.

What Monday Funday does understand, however, is intelligent, engaging content. And the marketing team at the National Basketball Association has certainly scored a three pointer –can you score more than three points? – with this campaign where big and burly NBA stars sit on Santa’s knee to let him know exactly what they want for Christmas.


Now bring us some figgy pudding

There’s a hilarious sense of entitlement in the seasonal jingle “We wish you a merry Christmas”. It starts off well-intentioned, but when you get to that “figgy pudding” line it sounds like a spoilt six-year-old. 

US law firm Shelton Legal Services has had a bit of fun with the timeless classic in this advert. Now Monday Funday has no plans to get arrested over the festive season, but if there’s a repeat of what happened after Auntie Beth spiked the mulled win in 2012, we know who to call…

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Tweet of the week

Paddy Power is up to its old tricks, this time poking fun at the surprisingly high number of world class cyclists that suffer from asthma … you know who you are.

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From the ha-ha-harchives               

Sometimes funny means tightly written dialogue, nuanced characters and a farcical plot line. Sometimes it’s just a guy in a giant mouse suit exploding through a wall.

Joe McAweaney