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Monday Funday: diapers and waistcoats


Diapers with something to say

Gone are the days of cute, aww-inducing baby ads featuring nappy-clad infants that we were subject to as youngsters. This recent spot from French baby brand Little Big Change is, well, a bit of a sh*t show.

Featuring a group of revolutionary babies with a penchant for scatological humour, the tiny tots rally together for their bottom’s right to toxin-free nappies. Looks like the revolution will be televised after all.

It’s not just a waistcoat… it’s an M&S waistcoat

This World Cup has been full of surprises. South Korea beating Germany, England winning a penalty shootout and now – perhaps the most shocking of all – a burgeoning new fashion trend sparked by England manager Gareth Southgate.

Football fans were so desperate to imitate the penalty-misser turned manager that M&S completely ran out of waistcoats ahead of last Wednesday’s semi-final clash against Croatia.

The brand quickly entrenched affiliation with the craze ­­­­– launching a tailor-made Waistcoat Wednesday hashtag – putting itself in the minds of snappily-dressing England fans everywhere.

From the ha-ha-harchives…

It’s the end of the World Cup so we thought we’d finish up with another footy spot, this time from Uruguayan financial services brand Abitab. In 2013, the brand unleashed Barcelona star Luis Suarez into an everyday 9-5 office, and the results – like Luis’ style on the pitch – were not pretty.

Roisin McCormack