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 Amplifying your corporate story on LinkedIn (to the power of 4)

Amplifying your corporate story on LinkedIn (to the power of 4)

 Frank Lampard interview for Barclays

Frank Lampard interview for Barclays


Monday Funday: football turncoats and finger-lickin’ fingers on the button


The Loyalty Test

Fans of completely unquantifiable statistics will be interested to know that a football supporter is 25 times more likely to change their name than their football team.

It’s a strange one; if a supermarket, restaurant or even a hoover caused a consumer as much stress as a football team does then they would surely move to another brand. Yet football fans exhibit an undying loyalty that is usually associated with grave-dwelling Scottish dogs. (Greyfriars Bobby – a pooch so legendary his LinkedIn profile would include his own Disney film and commemorative day!)

In a clip that resembles a kind of strange Match of the Day/Apprentice hybrid, German football league the Bundesliga offers diehard fans huge amounts of cash to switch their allegiances. While secretly filming the encounters, of course.

Notorious Kenny G

It’s fair to say that social media isn’t for everyone. While some view Twitter as a great communication tool, connecting like-minded humans across the globe, others treat it with as much trepidation as Ed Miliband trying to eat a bacon sandwich.

In Twitter’s latest YouTube video we meet Kenny G, a man ready to snap at the prospect of setting up his own account.

But cometh the hour, cometh the comedian you’ll vaguely recognise from Channel 4 panel shows. UK funny-man Romesh Ranganathan arrives playing the role of a suave, Twitter-friendly crisis negotiator.

Tweet of the week

In response to Donald Trump’s social media ramblings about who has a bigger button, chicken legend KFC has got in on the action, calling out a familiar “big shoed, red nosed” adversary…


Way back in 2002 – as part of the ‘No-nonsense’ campaign – beer brand John Smith created this funny spot featuring Monday Funday favourite Peter Kay.

In the 40-second clip the Phoenix Knights star goes up against fictional Canadian diver J-P Petit (a man who dives as delicately as his name suggests) and produces a dive that would have Tom Daley quaking in his boots…

Joe McAweaney