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Monday Funday: get yourself down the gym


Sorta-fit guy

Fitness, it’s important. The gym, cycling, yoga, jogging and playing sport are all integral components of a healthy lifestyle… they’re also things that Monday Funday has – at times – struggled to get to grips with. There’s a beautiful irony in celebrating an hour of 5-a-side footy with 4 pints and a curry at the nearest Wetherspoons.

Sports drink brand Vitaminwater has embraced this part time mentality with its ‘sorta-fit guy’ character. He’s an amusing, relatable fellow who enjoys the gym but wouldn’t dream of “taking his shirt off”. It’s like looking in the mirror.


In the latest spot from electronics manufacturer Sonos we are introduced to Serge – the world’s worst AI bot. He’s the type of robot that gives artificial intelligence a bad name, like those service machines that constantly accuse Monday Funday of putting unexpected items in the bagging area.

In theory he’s a slick, futuristic speaker who plays all your favourite tunes at the drop of the hat. But, in practice, Serge is about as useful – and not as tasty – as a chocolate kettle.

From the ha-ha-harchives

We’ve had a root around and found this classic from Scottish soft drink company Irn-Bru. A simple but effective ad featuring the world’s most irritating flight attendant.

Joe McAweaney