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Monday Funday: helping the hangover


Mondays get a bad rap. But there are worse things in life. Parking tickets, stubbing your little toe, losing a fiver or Piers Morgan, to name a few.

So instead of being all doom and gloom on this fine morning, get the week off to a cheery start with our latest selection of brand-inspired funnies.

Cleaning up your hangover

It’s every student’s worst nightmare: waking up after a night on the tiles to discover a room so messy it could be playing up top for Barcelona – and remembering that mum is about to arrive any minute for her termly inspection.

As you try to piece together the faded memories, like a confused toddler with a new jigsaw, you discover the remnants of a half-eaten kebab and a spilt bottle of cheap cider.

Now at this stage, most people’s last thought would be to call a well-known lager brand. But legendary Scottish tipple Tennent’s has flipped the script with this quirky piece of social content on their Twitter page, encouraging hangover-ridden freshers to tweet them with the hashtag #BedroomPiTstop for an emergency room-clean.

And who said universities don’t adequately prepare youngsters for the real world?

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How many can you do?

Ah, Snapchat. The ultimate tool for connecting with fresh-faced millennial consumers. With an attention span about as long as a cocktail stick, if something lasts over 10 seconds, those pesky kids just aren’t interested.

With this in mind, Adidas has looked to conquer where many a marketer has failed, winning consumers in the Snapchat arena, with this fun interactive game – where budding-Bergkamps can show off their keepy-uppie skills.

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District Line Dave

The north-south divide manifests itself in many ways. Dinner or supper? EastEnders or Coronation Street? Blur or Oasis? But at the end of the day, what is it that really comes between us (other than Birmingham)?

One gripe of our friends in the north has always been Londoners’ perceived conduct on public transport. The underground is a notoriously unfriendly place, but are the buses of northern England really the conversational hub they are made out to be?

MF is unlikely to find out any time soon – being too risk-averse to travel too far north of Wapping – but in the meantime, comedy channel Dave has come to the rescue of tongue-tied Tube commuters with some advice on how to avoid socially awkward encounters.

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Joe McAweaney