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 Amplifying your corporate story on LinkedIn (to the power of 4)

Amplifying your corporate story on LinkedIn (to the power of 4)

 Frank Lampard interview for Barclays

Frank Lampard interview for Barclays


Monday Funday: laughing till the cows come home


Enough chocolate to deal with anything

There are certain times you simply wouldn’t want to bump into your mother. A busy bar when on a date, perhaps, or the Magaluf Strip on your first lads’ holiday. Lunchbox legend Mars has gone one step further in its latest spot – showing one poor fella bumping into the woman who gave him life at a life drawing class. Oh, and she’s the model.

It’s short and sweet – not dissimilar to the brand’s tasty products – but 15 seconds and five words were enough to have Monday Funday howling with laughter.

“Can he make it in his big debut call-up?”

We’ve all had THAT football dream. It’s 0-0 in the dying moments of a World Cup Final, the ball falls to Monday Funday at the edge of the box and he powers it into the top corner. 1-0, it’s coming home…

It turns out that Monday Funday isn’t the only one. In this short clip – from pizza-favourite Dominoes – average footballer and legendary prankster Jimmy Bullard fantasises about his own World Cup dream. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite go to plan for Jimmy.

From the ha-ha-harchives

Now Monday Funday comes to think of it he has never seen a cow laugh. Not even once, such a moody bunch. To promote their products in America last year, New Zealand Jerky sent stand-up comic Tim Batt to a field in New Zealand to shower the cows with awful jokes, to prove just how serious their beef is.

Batt’s deadpan delivery, coupled with a cow with a face so stern he could flip the script and become a Beefeater at The Tower of London, makes for a very amusing spot.

Joe McAweaney