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Monday Funday: making a hash of it


Red Ed Sheeran turns Twitter blue

Ah Ed Sheeran, voted the coolest ginger of all time here at Speak Media Towers – beating off fierce competition from Ron Weasley, Prince Harry and Basil Brush.

The imminent release of the Suffolk-born singer’s new album called for an exciting hashtag and Team Sheeran opted for ‘Sheeran Album Party’… remove the spaces, make it all lower case, and you get - well, something seemingly x-rated.

Make no mistake though – unlike the similar Susan Boyle hashtag that resulted in red faces all round ­– this is an intelligent, accidentally-deliberate double entendre – resulting in far more (free) exposure than a traditional advertising campaign would have received.

So what has Monday Funday learnt from all this you ask? Earned media is far more powerful than paid media, a knowingly off-colour hashtag can bring a saucy smile to your fans’ faces … and always double-check party invites from Mr Sheeran.


Of course, Ed isn’t the only brand to go viral from an amusing hashtag. Step forward American broadcaster TNT, which promoted TV show ‘Legends’ with the amusing #DontKillSeanBean hashtag.

As fans of ‘Lord of The Rings’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ will know, any character played by the proud Yorkshireman has a life expectancy about as long as the queue for Champions League tickets at Old Trafford.

TNT played on this little known fact, stirring up some excitement and a few laughs along the way.

What kind of job is that, exactly?

For every cleverly worded hashtag there’s a million that could have done with a little more time at the drawing board. Take this absolute howler from American computer brand Research In Motion – developers of millennial’s favourite smartphone the BlackBerry.

Picture the scene, a busy HR executive is hiring and takes to social media to advertise new opportunities. The full name of the company is a bit clunky so instead of typing ‘Research In Motion’ they go for ‘RIM’. Less is more on social media, and they settle on the hashtag #RIMjobs. Just let that sink in.

Joe McAweaney