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Monday Funday: monkeying around


High-flying content 

What do people do once they’ve boarded a plane?

Carefully, conscientiously watch the stuffy old safety adverts? No. Generally, people just do nothing. (Pun intended, you just wait.)

Well unless British favourite Chabbudy G’s in the ad, that is. (Boom, there it is!)

Star of the mockumentary, Chabuddy G – played by actor Asim Chaudhry – is mixing with a high-flying set these days having bagged himself a spot on this star-studded British Airways safety video ad.

Take five minutes to watch the pompously puffed-up Chabuddy G tell supermodel Jordan Dunn his selfie was better than hers, David Walliams his performance sucked, and describe BAFTA winner Olivia Coleman as the ‘tea girl’.


Heineken really doesn’t miss a thing, does it? The lager brand has put together another cracking ad for the UEFA Champions League. One that dramatically, although accurately, captures those truly painful moments in a football fan’s life – missing an important goal from your team.

Appropriately set against a backdrop of Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ – and featuring footy God Andrea Pirllo – this spot titled ‘Unmissable’ is exactly that.

One from the ha-ha-harchives…

Are there people in your office known for monkeying around? Are they driving you bananas? All right, that’s enough. This spot from Career Builder featuring our primate pals will make even your cheekiest colleagues look like angels.

Roisin McCormack