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Parkinson's UK campaign nominated for two awards

Parkinson's UK campaign nominated for two awards

Barclays News named 'Best Corporate Website'

Barclays News named 'Best Corporate Website'


Monday Funday: saving you a frown

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The old saying goes that it takes 43 muscles to frown, yet only 17 to crack a big cheesy smile. Now I have no idea if this piece of pop-trivia is true, and unfortunately a 17-second Google search couldn’t corroborate the theory.

However, let’s assume it is true and enjoy Monday Funday for what it is, a muscle-saving, grin-triggering bag of giggles, delivering fresh content to your desk every week.

“Netflix is a joke”

In what appears to be comedy’s answer to the Harlem Globetrotters, Netflix has assembled a crack-team of entertainers for its latest piece of content, the ‘Netflix is a joke’ campaign.

In this amusing 100 second trailer, the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chapelle, Ellen DeGeneres and Chris Rock team up to critique the more serious Netflix shows.

From House of Cards tyrant Frank Underwood being told to “lighten up a little” to Chris Rock asking Orange Is the New Black inmates their opinion on OJ Simpson, Netflix gently pokes fun at its flagship projects, in a piece of content specially released for The Emmy Awards.

Cracking billboards

Three things are certain in this life – death, taxes and if you don’t immediately buy a case for your new smart phone you’re going to break the screen.

We’ve all been there, dropping your new phone, resulting in a screen so smashed it wouldn’t look out of place on a Magaluf dancefloor.

02 has recreated this traumatic experience, erecting askew billboards across London to resemble a smashed smart phone… centring round the word “OOPS”.

Barc oooops.png

Just a tiny bit of English…      

There are so many wonderful reasons to learn a new language, to unlock other cultures, to connect with individuals on a deeper level, to…. exert un-paralleled political influence on the western world?!?

That’s the angle that language school the Americki Institut has taken, using First Lady Melania Trump on billboards that have popped up in Zagreb, Croatia.

A tongue-in-cheek piece of content that is deceptively smart because, as everyone knows, the Trumps get people talking. In every language.

Joe McAweaney