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Monday Funday: sensible boozing and Irn-Broozing


Drink Don’t Dumb

It’s fair to say that drink-driving ads are usually pretty glum, hard-hitting spots that leave viewers feeling chilled to the bone – like Monday Funday when he sees the price of a pint in an airport.

Thai rum brand SangSom, however, has taken a different route in its recent ‘Drink Don’t Dumb’ campaign. This 90 second clip – which resembles a strange ‘Black Mirror meets The Hangover’ fusion – depicts us at our worst when on the booze. Queue duck-selfies, flaming beards and riding your boss like a bucking bronco.


What do you get when you mix a lilo, a bird of prey and a massive sausage? It may sound like a banterously-filled suitcase for a stag weekend in Prague, but these are actually the foundations of soft drink Irn-Bru’s latest campaign.

The tartan-clad drink manufacturer has invaded timelines everywhere with its latest fizzy-POPular ‘Be a can’ social posts – featuring dogs in swings and the career choices of a condom. Weird, and equally wonderful.

From the ha-ha-harchives

This is our weekly spot for golden oldies, and you can't get much oldie-er than Old Spice. The manly fragrance brand has been dominating YouTube for years, ever since the brand's first viral vid, – 'The Man Your Man Could Smell Like' – was uploaded in 2010.

The vid was so successful it spawned hundreds and hundreds more, which have seen 'The Man' sorting out Christmas gifts for the entire planet, and guest stars like Terry Crews.

Joe McAweaney