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 Amplifying your corporate story on LinkedIn (to the power of 4)

Amplifying your corporate story on LinkedIn (to the power of 4)

 Frank Lampard interview for Barclays

Frank Lampard interview for Barclays


Monday Funday: Snoop Dogg and Abraham Lincoln


Everyone has got that one friend who likes to exaggerate after a few beers. They could be telling a mundane tale about their commute to work, but a couple of pints later it sounds like a Vin Diesel pitch for Fast and Furious 29 (or whichever number the not-so-timeless classic is up to now).

Mexican lager brand Dos Equis has some fun with that idea in this hyperbole–crammed 30 second clip – featuring famous lager lout Abraham Lincoln and the battle of Cinco de Mayo. Cheers.


A recent – and not-at-all fictitious –  YouGov survey found that “travelling somewhere by coach” scared under-30s more than Brexit, climate change and nuclear war combined. This prompted Virgin Trains to release 10,000 26-30 railcards for coach-fearing millennials.

Once the railcards had sold out, the Branson-owned train company announced on Twitter that it was offering discounts to any under-30 that presented an avocado when buying a ticket.

A simple idea that got people talking – and more importantly tweeting – about the rail company. It’s the perfect example of how a simple social post can propel a brand into the spotlight.

From the ha-ha-harchives

We’ve harked back to 2008 for this chortle-filled clip from defunct mobile network Orange. In the 60-second video – promoting the legendary Orange Wednesday cinema deal – rap icon Snoop Dogg is interrupted by a gang of suited execs with their own ideas about how his latest release should sound…

Joe McAweaney