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Monday Funday: sticking the kettle on


Steaming hot content

We’ve always been BIG fans of tea and biscuits here at Speak Media. Bourbons, Rich Teas, Digestives, Shortbread, you name it, we’ve dunked it.

That’s why Monday Funday was chomping at the bits to see kitchen supplier Wren Kitchens’ biscuit experiment ‘The Great Dunking Debate’.

In the one-minute video – produced to mark National Tea Day – the UK-based company put 12 of our favourite biscuits to the test, seeing which one is the most durable when dunked in a cup of tea.

Old rivals Shortbread and Chocolate Bourbon clashed in a Federer-Nadalesqe final, with the Bourbon taking the crown after an impressive dunking time of two minutes and 33 seconds.

Go grab your first cuppa of the week, and enjoy.

Alexa, cheer up! 

Media platform TED – famous for its talks – has pulled out all the stops for this short film. Set in 2118 TED – or is that Theodore? – depicts a future where “third generation” artificial intelligence bots find themselves having existential crises.

We’re introduced to an AI therapist – played by The Thick of It’s Rebecca Font – who spends her days talking to the disillusioned robots, weighed down by the achievements of their forefathers.

It’s a well written, slickly edited film that will drive bundles of traffic to the brand’s website. 

You can watch it here

From the ha-ha-harchives

Harking back to a simpler time when all Nike needed to make a great ad was a sense of humour and 20 of the world's greatest footballers (plus Silvain Wiltord).The funniest bit is probably Totti’s hair.



Joe McAweaney