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Monday Funday: stoking the fire


Behind enemy lines

Monday Funday regulars will be no stranger to Paddy Power’s chortle-fuelled content. The Irish bookmaker has been up to its old tricks with its regular fan denial series – this week focusing on poor old recently-relegated Stoke.

The Fan Denial idea is simply, but oh-so effective. Paddy and his marketing cronies trawl through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/people’s bins and provide a social media snap shot of fan-reactions to sporting events – with hilarious consequences.

This video is like a checklist for top quality content ­– it’s funny, intriguing, shareable and provocative.

It carefully tells a story – sparking intrigue throughout – and pays off with a hilarious, climactic ending.

Konfusion Kitchen

It sometimes feels like fashionable restaurants are taking over the world (or at the very least this corner of Shoreditch). From honey-fried halloumi to avocado-on-everything, Monday Funday favourites chip butties and donner kebabs are facing extinction.

French food company Danone has had a bit of fun with this idea in their latest spot – featuring hidden cameras, lamp roasted ostrich eggs and “karma foods”.

From the ha-ha-harchives

We’ve harked back to the eighties this week, with an ad so cheesy you could grate it over your pasta. This two-minute spot is from South African cigarette manufacturer Peter Stuyvesan and features all the things you typically associate with smoking…extreme sports, champagne showers and helicopter rides. It makes a change from all the doom and gloom you see on cigarette packets these days.

Joe McAweaney