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Monday Funday: the 3D edition


Feeling glum because you’ve spent all weekend seeing people from school pop up on your Facebook newsfeed having the time of their life at Glastonbury, while you watch from home and vow, for the millionth time, that you’ll go next year?

Look on the bright side. The sun is shining, and your regular dose of brand funnies is here with a special 3D edition (featuring Device-frying, Dads, and the Donald) to chase away the post-Glasto blues. Happy Monday, folks.

Don't fry this at home

In a bizarre two-minute clip, which resembles a strange merge of Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men and Ready Steady Cook, Scottish lager giant Tennent’s have kicked off their ‘Will it fry?’ campaign.

In the video, which pushes culinary science to ground-breaking new levels, sort of, we see Glaswegian fictional chef ‘The Fryer’ attempt to deep-fry a Samsung 8 mobile phone (and take a sly dig at the company’s infamously combustible previous model).

As experiments go, this is up there with the most pointless. But it is, in fairness, a highly amusing skit. 

Thanks a bunch, dad.

For millions, Father’s Day is an important time of the year. A day to give thanks to men who raised us, fed us, bathed us and taught us how to ride our first bike.

To commemorate the special occasion, US sports retailer Footlocker released a 60-second film featuring various young NBA stars paying homage to their fathers with emotional tributes.

NBA draft pick Lonzo Ball, however, turns the tribute on its head by sarcastically thanking his father for a series of amusing mishaps that littered his childhood, such as berating his coach in front of an entire crowd and copyrighting his name to make it part of a family lifestyle brand.

The video carefully switches between the NBA stars, with Lonzo Ball’s “tribute” hilariously contrasting with those of his peers.

Trumping Donald

Many onlookers believe Donald Trump’s administration has often resembled an extreme version of House of Cards, something that’s has not gone unnoticed by vodka brand Smirnoff.

In a bold move Diageo, owners of Smirnoff, have poked fun at the 45th President of the United States, with a cheeky campaign appearing in New York.

The billboards, which have sprung up around the city’s subway, comically state: “Made in America. But we’d be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath.”


Joe McAweaney