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Monday Funday: witches at the cinema


One for the price of… two? 

It’s fair to say belly rumbling makes us do some strange things, it ramps up emotions and inhibits rational thinking. Chocolate mischief-maker Snickers proved this in its latest spot, advertising one bar for the price of two. Any peckish punters that clicked on the not-so-great deal were directed towards this condescending, cardigan-wearing therapist with a few wise words.

Bank holidays don’t give you wings

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make Monday Funday smile: a cup of coffee, a breezy autumn morning or, in this case, a simple GIF summing up our feelings after a bank holiday. Red Bull’s legendary soapbox race has provided them with plenty of chuckle-worthy, relatable content for their Twitter page this year. This one aptly captures the post-bank holiday blues.

One from the ha-ha-harchives…

Remember Orange Wednesdays? Remember those blessed 2-4-1 cinema tickets and the series of hilarious ads that plugged ‘em? Of course you do. This spot takes us back to 2009 – a golden era for cheap cinema tickets and slick Orange adverts.

Featuring the Wicked Witch from Broadway blockbuster ‘Wicked’, this mockumentary-style spot follows her assimilation into non-fairy-tale life.

Roisin McCormack