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Discover stunning photography by Speak’s creative network

The elephants get up at 6am and hang around the house for a bit before heading off into the bush where their blankets are removed once the weather warms up.

In the first in a series of collaboration events celebrating our talent network, we’re showcasing work by our team of talented photographers here at our Brick Lane studio.

The selection of stunning images take us around the world and back to our Shoreditch doorstep, in a fantastic display of the wealth and breadth of our creative team.

In a sneak preview, each artist shares the story behind their favourite shot – and reflects on why it means so much to them.

Rosie Hallam

Rosie Hallam is an editorial and commercial photographer who has worked extensively in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia for national broadsheet newspapers, weekend magazines, NGOs and corporate clients. When not shooting commissions, she works on personal projects looking at our environment, how we live in it and the marks we leave on it.

She was named ‘Photographer of the Year’ in the Press Photographer’s Year competition, 2009, and had two portraits included in the National Portrait Gallery’s Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait exhibition in 2013.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya, June 2019 (pictured above)

“There are 13 orphaned elephants currently living at this sanctuary in Kenya, east Africa. The keepers stay with the orphans 24 hours a day, seven days a week – even sleeping with them at night. Such dedication means the elephants form an incredibly close bond with them.”

 James Norton. 26, actor...

 photographed in Soho, London... 

© photograph by David Sandison
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David Sandison

David Sandison is a photographer with 40 years of experience in portraiture, photojournalism and commercial and PR photography. He spent 13 of those years at The Independent, working both as a photographer and as picture editor for The Independent on Sunday. David, based in London, has been working on a freelance basis since 2009.

James Norton, London, November 2015 (pictured above)

“James Norton is an English actor best known for roles in Happy Valley, Grantchester, War & Peace and McMafia. He was nominated for a British Academy Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2015 for his role as ex-convict Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley.”

 British Prime Minister, Theresa May arriving  at Downing St.

Photography  by Jason Bye
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Jason Bye

Jason Bye has been a photographer for 27 years, working for UK national newspapers including The Independent, the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. Jason is often commissioned by corporate clients and is looking to expand on this side of his work.

Theresa May, Downing Street, London, July 2016 (pictured above)

“I’d worked with Theresa May a lot when she was home secretary and she always struck me as a rather lonely figure, which is quite odd in politics.

While she stood alone at the lectern with her husband looking on, I was reminded of Margaret Thatcher and her husband Denis. The three-way split of him, the door and her speaking made for a photograph that told the story of a marriage as well as the appointment to the office of prime minister. It also pre-empts the loneliness that would be a hallmark of her premiership.”

 Rahim Afshar Managing Director and tea taster.
Credit: David Parry

David Parry

David Parry is a London-based photographer with over 17 years of experience in press photography. He has had work published in every major national newspaper as well as titles such as Time and Newsweek.

Rahim Afshar, Ahmad Tea, Hampshire, November 2017 (pictured above)

“This image was taken while shooting Barclays client Ahmad Tea. I arrived at a bleak industrial estate in Southampton, where most of the building was dedicated to tea processing and the offices were not the most photogenic. I wasn’t feeling very inspired – but then I met Mr Rahim.  

His passion for his product shone through immediately. Most managing directors are confined to their office, but Rahim is still chief taster and makes sure that every blend is of the highest quality. Mr Rahim is the embodiment of his business – the story was written in his face. You can’t ask for a better subject than that.”

Roisin McCormack