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Shining a light on Royal Mail

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We’ve always enjoyed a close partnership with Royal Mail – having produced websites, brochures and annual reports for the iconic British delivery company – and were delighted to be asked to create their 2017/18 colleague campaign.

We were challenged with carrying out a multichannel, internal campaign that shines a light on the different cogs that fuel the business – while highlighting the importance of teamwork throughout the company.

We knew we would be getting some miles on the clock as Royal Mail operates in every corner of the UK. So we drew up an extensive campaign plan, assembled a crack-team of content creators and in mid-December we headed off to our first destination: Belfast.

Belfast is a special place for Royal Mail around Christmas time, playing host to ‘Santa’s mailroom’ (where they reply to children’s Christmas letters) and ‘Santa’s grotto’ – where local kids are invited to celebrate the festive period. This meant that while delivering the internal assets, the team had to simultaneously add in a pinch of festive fun – resulting in an abundance of ‘Christmassy’ hats, tinsel and seasonal poster copy. 


Our 24-hours in the Northern Irish capital resulted in campaign posters, employee profiles, a host of digital assets and other content for a range of the company’s channels – from monthly staff newspaper ‘Courier’ to LinkedIn.

The client was delighted with the launch campaign, and has since commissioned Speak to create follow-up campaigns as far afield as Plymouth, Heathrow and Edinburgh to capture other areas of the business.

It was always going to be a challenge devising a colleague campaign for a company with over 160,000 employees – but with a mixture of extensive planning, hard work and creative flair we’ve kicked off a nationwide project that both ourselves and the client can be proud of.

Joe McAweaney