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Speak interviews NYC-based artist for watchmaker Brathwait


For our second story in our Brathwait series The Watchlist, we spoke to Brooklyn-based multimedia artist Patrick Church for an exclusive interview and photoshoot.

He filled us in on his passion for painting, how romance and humour influence his work and his determination to contribute “a sense of safety” for the queer community. 

“My biggest inspiration is for one, love and my husband because I am always searching for love in the world,” he told us. “I am very romantic. I also get very inspired by people that are a bit eccentric that I see in the streets or specific characters that stand out.

“I like to paint exaggerations of people – if you look at my paintings, I am drawn to unconventional characters, but I also always feel like I include myself and my personality in my work.”

The Watchlist is part of a package of editorial features produced by our Content Works team and run in the ‘Journal’ section on Brathwait’s e-commerce website. 

Other pieces for the brand include Pencil This, a monthly edit of the city’s top happenings, and Crosswalk Style, capturing snapshots of New York street style in collaboration with the NYC Street Photography Collective