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Working through the night with Royal Mail


Working for a content agency will never be a straightforward 9-5 role. Our stories don’t follow a schedule, and nor would we want them to. They can pop up anywhere – at any time, in any place – and it’s our job to be there when they do. No matter what time of day (or night), our 24-hour newsroom is always ready to grab a Dictaphone and jump into the field.

Our latest ‘all-nighter’ took us to the Birmingham Mail Centre where we interviewed postal workers about the power of teamwork, life at the mail centre and their connection to the wider business.

We arrived at the mail centre at 1am for an early, or perhaps late, start to our working day. The roads leading to the mail centre were empty, but the centre itself was bustling with life – with hundreds of postal workers working together to process thousands of items of mail. We grabbed a much needed coffee and got to work.

No matter what story we are telling, our fundamental reporting process stays the same. It’s our job to listen, interact with our surroundings and find the story that deserves to be told. The ‘We are Royal Mail’ campaign is no different, we interviewed and photographed Mohammed and many of his colleagues – cutting though the noise to find out what working for the company means to them.

It was a busy, but enjoyable night – with our team leaving the mail centre with the resources we needed to produce a variety of campaign posters, animations and online assets for a range of the company’s channels.

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