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A brief history of Speak Media, award-winning creative content team and ‘always on’ newsroom; our mission, philosophy and approach

We build content brands

 50 top Women in Tech at Rise London Magdalena Kron, Sonal Xa Shah, Snehal Malhotra, Gemma Trebble, Charlotte Haines for SpeakMedia Picture by Michael Crabtree 
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Speak Media was founded in 2011 by a journalist, a designer, and a publisher with a determination to bring newsstand editorial values to brand storytelling. We use our multi-channel publishing expertise to create agile, effective editorial strategies that connect brands with their always-on audiences.

Our mission is to help organisations evolve beyond tactical ‘push’ PR into always on, multi-channel, publishers, providing genuinely compelling (and brand enhancing) content. Or, to put it another way, we’ve declared war on mediocre content. Specifically, we:

  • Identify the content you need to achieve your communications goals

  • Plan and coordinate your multichannel content operations

  • Deliver the highest standard of editorial content at pace and scale

We believe content is a process, not a project. That’s why we developed a unique Brand Newsroom service that gives you the team, processes and tools you need to create a coordinated and highly effective content operation.

Our strategic framework is underpinned by ‘the 6 As’ – aims, audience, analysis, approach, action, assessment – a tried-and-tested method that provides a robust foundation for building successful content brands.

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